Hot Spots for Dining: starting in Atlanta

I love a breathtaking Garden… so when a restaurant chooses to landscape a stunning riverside stretch into a paradise setting for gourmet meals, it’s a slice of heaven. For 27 years in Atlanta, the Canoe Restaurant has continued to deserve an outstanding reputation for the quality of food, atmosphere, and service that brings the crowd back again and again.  This magical spot has been one of my favorites for  many years, and the picture for this blog was taken a few years ago after they opened a fantastic bar down by the river (in addition to the lovely bar inside), and it’s one way to catch a glimpse of me! .. AgingTopic’s founder; Amy.

As you explore the back story of this restaurant through the terrific article below, and the backgrounds of the key people making it a success, you can appreciate the reasons why it continues to be a success. The beautiful photos you will find online of their gardens, their full length outside covered patio, and their wedding venue options are not to be missed.

Beyond reading the article though, the biggest take away is to make your plan to dine at Canoe whether you live in Atlanta or are traveling through on your travels elsewhere. It sells out quickly on weekends, so plan in advance to be sure you can immerse yourself in this experience soon!

Canoe: 27 years on the Chattahoochee River