Mucho Matcha Tea for Seniors

January…  the time to start New Years resolutions, or it has a lesser known title of being National Tea Month! If you aren’t too big on tea, maybe this year would be a good time to explore tea-drinking with your 2023 resolutions. Studies have found that many aging people who love to drink tea have no idea how much it’s actually impacting their physical and mental health. Earlier this year we released an article on Blue Zone diets and a big part of their day is afternoon tea. If this all sounds like a British formality to you, you’re not alone. However nowadays, there are so many varieties of tea accessible to everyone in the nation that I can guarantee you won’t be limited to the classic Earl Grey.  Any kind of unsweetened tea drinking done daily improves your mental and physical health in many, many ways. 

Physically, it can keep the risk of diabetes low, reduce inflammation, improve bone and heart health, boost your brain, and promote hydration. Mentally, it can work as a stress alleviant, promote sleep and overall improve your mood. 

For those of you curious about specific teas, we bring to you seven benefits of Matcha tea! Hand in hand with general benefits of tea, Matcha tea can bring stress and anxiety relief, help brain function, combat memory loss and dementia, which in turn helps counter the effects of Alzheimers and Parkinsons. It promotes heart health, boosts your immune system, and increases brain function, and specifically can help counter numerous possible diseases. As far as arthritis is concerned, Matcha tea has wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits that help soothe your swelling and pain.  With its help in aiding digestion, it helps slow down the aging process and helps your body receive the nutrients it needs. 

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Matcha Tea Resource:  7 Benefits of Matcha Tea for Seniors