University research on “Engaged Aging”

Instead of always reading about new medical advances and research, maybe you should try participating in the study yourself!

It is only natural to worry about cognitive health as we age, but we don’t need to face those
worries alone. At Clemson’s Institute For Engaged Aging, the PACT program (Preventing Alzheimer’s with Cognitive Training) is devoting itself
to assisting the aging community with research on preventing Alzheimer’s.

You have the opportunity to not only get a better insight into your own cognitive health but, by volunteering in
their program, you could aid the entire aging community. With three locations across Florida, as well
as one at Duke and Clemson, the program has a wide network you can get involved with. It’s
okay to be anxious about the ailments that come with age, but the good news is that through our combined efforts, we can face
our challenges with vitality and confidence. To learn more about (PACT) you can click the link HERE
and see how you can engage with the program and assist the aging community.

-Atticus Grey