Game Day or Any Day .. Go For Poppers!

In preparation for this heated Super Bowl game coming up, we have a jalapeño popper recipe that’ll give you just the kick you need! While jalapeño poppers are a common appetizer on most American menus, they’re almost forgotten for at-home snacks. Quick and easy to make, they’ll be perfect for guests and yourself! 

If heat isn’t your thing, jalapeños are a perfect variety of pepper that can taste mild without their seeds and can live up to their spicy reputation with added pepper jack and cayenne. Even for those who are lactose intolerant, there are plenty of vegan cheeses available nowadays and my personal favorite twist on this dish is filling them with guava jam instead of cheese! If you’re intrigued but don’t want to fully commit to the lack of cheese, cream cheese is a match made in heaven for guava so I highly recommend trying them both. 

Following the attached recipe makes them perfectly and if you don’t have a rack it works just as well on a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Popping these poppers into your mouth during a ref call or a not-so-funny commercial is a wonderful way to pass the time. Even without the Super Bowl, these are great for any parties or events you may have coming up. Enjoy fixing these POPPERS up to your flavor profile and let us know how much you love them!