Super Bowl Game Day Sliders

Super Bowl LVII is on the way and the spirit is in the air! Which commercial will be your favorite? Who’s playing the halftime show? Which team will win – the Phildelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs? The suspense is killing us all! One thing you can know in advance is what you’re cooking! 

From now until the big game, we’ll be putting out fun Super Bowl recipes.  Although I’m holding off on sharing my Philadelphia cream cheese snacks or Kansas hay stack treats…   today, we have some terrific BBQ sliders. My personal urge to cook an all-out feast is hard to stifle. Every year I always go overboard and my friends are too into the game to eat a full meal – but if I put some snacks or bite-sized sliders in front of them? They are eaten up in no time. If you don’t like BBQ sauce, you can use any sauce you’d like! The cooking methods listed are key – and able to be incorporated into many of your meat-based dinners for the rest of your life. The amount of jalapeños is just right to add a nice kick, and I believe overall This Recipe will leave you and your guests raving about the food and the game.