Finding Love Later in Life: Great Tips To Know!

Valentine’s simply triggers the conversation.. if you are hesitant to find love again later in life, there are Great tips here to keep in mind!

My take-aways from this article from BestSelfAtlanta include: Try going on “practice dates” with friends of the opposite sex who can role-play the date with you.  And when you do start with actual dates, try perhaps going on the first date or two without any alcohol.. This actually promotes a real effort to make the date itself more interesting instead of a meal at a restaurant.  Try a walk in the park, or a coffee or ice cream date, or a trip to see a museum or art gallery, or a sporting event. Great tips are also included for what to avoid – always helpful to know these things!  If you want to explore serious dating, be sure you can be honest with yourself about making sure you are in a good place with old relationships, can articulate why they failed, and have balance in your family and work- life before committing to seriously dating.  As Seniors, we are more willing to look at how we might have built-up anger and resentment, which can be positive for dating. “The more we avoid our fears, the more we tend to repeat them.”

As Seniors, we have often quit looking for what looks good on paper and have started searching for what we want at the core..“If one of your core values in a partner is trust or honesty, what does that really look like to you? Does it look like someone that doesn’t cheat on you or someone that doesn’t cheat in life in general?”

So.. tips for the First date:

  1. Read up on what’s new before the date. Whether it’s a popular new movie or the latest viral video, talking about the latest in pop-culture is not only stimulating, but it’s a great way to get to know someone and their tastes.
  2. Ask lots of questions. A simple rule of thumb to live by is if you don’t know what to say next,just ask your date a question about themselves. 
  3. Comment on his or her appearance. “I like your tie. Where did you get it?” This question alone could spark a whole shopping conversation.
  4. Really listen to what your date is saying. It’s important because you are getting to know the person and if you listen, you will most likely have follow- up questions, which will lead to more conversation. 
  5. Be open and honest. It’s OK to say something like, “I haven’t dated much and this is new to me … so I’m a little nervous.”
  6. Laugh! The best thing you can do on a first date is laugh. Studies show that both men and women love dates who make them laugh and smile.

Enjoy the article link above in its entirety, and let us know your opinions on the subject!