Allograft Therapies Reduce Pain from Arthritis & Promote Healing from Joint Surgery

AgingTopic has discovered that our readers span a pretty large age range.. and while some of us are already in our Senior years, others are just arriving! Take a minute to absorb these tidbits now – whether you are bothered by arthritis, or you have an upcoming orthopedic or joint replacement surgery, or just have some aches and pains.  Dr Jonathan Goss explains how innovative Allograft Therapy can make a big difference in healing torn muscles (with or without surgery) and reduce inflammation, as the Allograft injectibles invigorate new tissue growth.  For arthritis, Allograft not only reduces pain and swelling but the human growth factors promote development of healthier cells which decrease symptoms of arthritis!

“Allograft therapies apply human tissue to targeted treatment areas to stimulate change and relieve discomfort. They work as a catalyst to restore the health of the tissue, whether impacted by inflammation, damage, stagnation or another source of deterioration. They also advance healing by supporting tissue growth when injected into the tissue or applied topically with a liquid or patch. Allograft therapies work as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a larger treatment plan.”

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