5 Unique Options for your Visit to Japan – Or Other Destinations

Spring Fever is tempting most of us to book a trip or plan exotic travel, and this spotlight on unique trips to Japan from Travelzoo covers all the bases! Travelzoo does vast amounts of research, bringing vetted travel packages to light and saving me hours and hours of homework.  If Japan isn’t at the top of your list, see their website for many other unique trip packages all over the world.

Below are highlights, including vibrant photos and maps of each trip which they summarized for the five trips offered at huge discounts from Japan: UTOvacation that include 2023-2025 travel dates and cater to different types of explorers, from those who want to cover a wide variety of locations to those who prefer only the big cities, and from 7 nights to 18 nights.. and even if you’re sticking with the shorter trips, take a vicarious look at the over-the-top luxury option below, just for grins!

If you …

  • Have unused airline miles to burn: 7 nights for $999
    This land-only weeklong tour takes you from the foodie capital of Osaka to Kyoto, Nara Deer Park, Mt. Fuji and, finally, the bright lights of Tokyo.
  • Like city-only vacations: 10 nights w/air for $1699
    Spend four nights in Tokyo, three in Kyoto and three in Osaka, with plenty of time to explore each city on your own.
  • Enjoy off-the-beaten-path destinations: 15 nights w/air for $2699
    In addition to the three major cities, you’ll visit lesser-known towns including historic Mastumoto and coastal Kanazawa, nicknamed “Little Kyoto.” Plus, you’ll ride the bullet train to Hiroshima.
  • Want to explore by land and sea: 18 nights w/air for $2999
    After several days of exploring Tokyo, board the Celebrity Millennium for a 12-night cruise with stops including Kyoto; Hiroshima; Busan, South Korea; and Hakodate.
  • Like over-the-top luxury: 13 nights w/air for $15999
    This extravagant vacation immerses you in Japanese culture and features Michelin-starred restaurants, 5-star hotels, private butler service, multiple bullet train trips and more.

Because the dates for these packages extend into 2025, UTO also offers the option to change your tour, departure dates or passenger names up to 150 days prior to the start of the trip at no cost.

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