Best Science behind Healthy Air in your Home

I’m not sure anyone still does the “white glove” test to see if you have dusted your house and cleaned all the surfaces to perfection – I am sure I would be extremely nervous about failing that one..  However, if you have ever wondered how clean the air is in your house, be prepared for a bit of shock but also a proven – and much better – solution to Breathe Easier..  Especially as we age, it can significantly reduce harmful pollutants such as allergens, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses from the air that can be especially troublesome for seniors.

Perhaps you have seasonal allergies, or live with pet dander or dust, or have a hard time getting rid of certain odors on occasion – and even if you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t react to pollen, etc, there is terrific information to learn when you delve into the link below. You will find that “It turns out there are really only 5 air purification technologies; mechanical/HEPA filtration, activated carbon, UV, ionization, and ozone generation.  Any other fancy “new technologies” that companies claim to have are really just a variation on the five above.”

However, there are negatives to the ozone and ionization technologies according to research: “…because ozone causes all kinds of respiratory issues.  Ionization was out of the question because ionizers work on the principle of statically charging particles in the air so that they eventually find a surface to stick to.  The surfaces the particles stick to end up being walls, furniture, and your lungs.  So in principle they basically remove pollutants from the air by putting them all over your home and in your body.”  And with regard to usinsg UV to kill germs in the air, “…a byproduct of UVC is the production of ozone” so we are back to square one.  When it comes to mechanical filtration, “it produces no harmful byproducts and is extremely simple and effective.  The only challenge is it requires a high efficiency unit moving alot of air through it but … “in order to move a lot of air through a high efficiency filter material, we need to use a big fan that draws a lot of power and makes a lot of noise”.  This leaves activated carbon, but most units out there only using a very small amount in one filter, but with a new design using a customized carbon filter holding 3 pounds of activated carbon, an optimized air filter, and a HEPA filter which allows a far better method in the pursuit of creating “our air purifier to remove dust, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, bacteria, viruses, and even radioactive fallout.”  They even use an EC fan made in Germany which “uses up to 85% less electricity than the AC fans in most other units”.

THIS LINK shows you pictures and offers explanations behind the incredibly innovative & patented design used to build the safest, most effective air cleaning machine which is Aspen.  For our AgingTopic readers, if you use the Discount code AGINGTOPIC, you can save $50!!

Watch a test in a room here!