Amazing Dog Stories behind: “Toto” + the Oldest Dog Breed + a Beatle’s song.. & more

It’s hard to pick my favorite between all the stories in the link below that cover a huge range from the World’s Oldest Dog who is still alive today and holds the Guinness Book of World Records, to the dog who played “Toto” in the Wizard of Oz (and was paid more than some of the actors!), or which Beatle’s song includes a Whistle only dogs can hear.. I have to say I was most surprised by the story of the oldest dog breed which originated circa 329 BCE (or some experts say as old as 7000 BCE)! I find it fascinating that this breed was used with hunters by many Arab cultures throughout the Middle East because of their incredible speed (and no, it’s not a Greyhound..) – they could track and take down gazelle. As a “sighthound” they use their sight vs their nose to find prey, and then use their tremendous speed for the chase and capture.  In ancient Egyptian society,  they were called the “royal dog of Egypt.”

Incredible options to expand on the subject, as each story includes live links to additional articles with even more fun facts.  Enjoy Interesting Dog Facts