Stem Cell Patch Relieves Pain & Regenerates Cells + Collagen for Faster Healing, More Energy

Is the Fountain of Youth a myth or not?  If you know people in pain or who want help feeling younger, this may be the answer…  Learn how critical stem cell regeneration is for Seniors!  By age 60, your stem cell production has significantly decreased. The less stem cell activity = the faster we age, and the slower we heal.

My friend Grace’s rotator cuff was hurting and her mobility was limited, not to mention sleep discomfort, and the arthritis in her thumbs prevented her from doing basis tasks such as opening a jar or bottle of water. But only after 3 months on the patented Lifewave patches (about $500), Grace’s pain was gone and full mobility came back!  To ask my friend Grace questions about how this has helped her and others, or for help in ordering these patches, email her at: [email protected]

These Stem Cell activation patches are the biggest break-through in Stem cell technology.  By elevating a peptide in the body, the stem cell activation patch stimulates your body to regenerate more stem cells.  No pharmaceuticals.  No injections.  No supplements.  Vegan friendly. Non-transdermal. Non-invasive. It safely works via phototherapy.  It’s affordable & easy.  Just a simple patch!

This patch is proven in studies to:

  • reduce pain & inflammation
  • improve blood pressure & heart rate variability
  • improve short term memory/mental function
  • speed up wound/scar healing
  • improve skin appearance
  • increase energy, organ function & quality of sleep

If you want to see results the fastest way…use all 3 of these patches:

  • X39: most important patch to regenerate your stem cells to do deep healing of root issues at a cellular level.
  • Aeon: anti-inflammation, Cortisol/stress reducing, elevates SOD, balances nervous system
  • Glutathione: to detox your body and help your organs improve function

Other Top Sellers:

  • Silent Nights: the sleep patch that regulates your melatonin naturally all night
  • Nirvana: helps with anxiety, depression, mood & PTSD by increasing your endorphins.  (Use both if sleep issues)

They have done 90+ studies & trials on their patches.  It’s healing many root problems on a cellular level.

️ To learn more & watch videos:

For wholesale pricing (same price the Doctors and chiropractors pay), call/email the experts at 713-444-8584 or [email protected].

GUARANTEE:  There is a 30 day money back guarantee.  Call to order: 713-444-8584.