Wednesday April 5: National Walking Day

Grab a friend and make a plan to meet up on Wednesday, April 5th to take a 30 min walk and join the country in celebrating National Walking Day.  Even though you could take a 30 min walk every day, it’s great to have the motivation to check this box and enjoy the Spring weather with a friend.  Perhaps it will jump start a great habit-forming ritual!

The American Heart Association established this day in 2007 as a motivator to get people out there to restart an old habit or start a new one of walking regularly. Either way, there is loads of proof that walking improves physical and emotional health. As we age, our feet change and many of us need a bit more support whether it is arch support or memory foam linings, so it may be time to check out these newer options from great brand names here!


NATIONAL WALKING DAY – First Wednesday in April