Bridging the Intergenerational Gap

Living With Pride is an incredible multimedia platform and social media resource that advocates for the aging population. It’s like a superhero team for seniors, but with fewer capes and more knowledge with coffee drinkers! Founded by an Emmy Award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, producer, and television host (sounds fancy, right?), this platform aims to provide seniors with the right tools, resources, and information to thrive in the fourth quarter of their lives. The mission is to become the voice and resource of the aging population, offering resources and remedies for issues that impact their lives so that they can be viable economic and social assets to their communities.

Keep in mind, it’s not just about the old folks – this group is all about intergenerational connections! By engaging young people in every facet, they’re helping bridge the gap between generations. Aging is universal, and it’s coming for all of us, so why not learn how to be better older adults while we’re still young and spry? One of Living With Pride‘s partners is the Children’s Media Workshop. They take people of all ages into classrooms to work as mentors and educators with experience. It’s like bringing your wise grandparent to school to share their life lessons with the class, but without the embarrassing stories about your parents when they were teenagers. Plus, young people can learn from older adults’ mistakes and avoid making them in their own lives. It’s a win-win situation!

Their founder brings his skills in inquiry and questioning to the table. He knows how to pursue a story, market it, and be a strong leader. Communication, empathy, cultural competency, knowledge of aging, problem-solving, patience, and flexibility are some of the key skills he’s learned and improved over the years. He’s like a walking encyclopedia of aging knowledge – except he’s much more entertaining to talk to. Of course, every superhero team has its challenges. For Living With Pride, the biggest roadblock is getting the financial support they need to accomplish their goals. It’s been tough, but the founder is not giving up. He’s determined to help all aging populations and their families because everyone will get old at some point. Plus, he’s got a positive attitude that’s infectious.  You can learn more here