Defeat Dry Feet! Have Smooth Skin for less than $10

I, for one, have wondered why my feet seem flatter, with a thinner skin and less padding as I have gotten older. Of course most of you may know that is precisely what is happening!  Dry soles are a common problem that results from less cushioning on the sole of the foot. This reduction in cushioning is a result of fat loss that occurs as feet age. The fat pads on the bottom of the feet diminish with age, placing additional stress on the skin, which dries out and cracks.

Dry skin is less elastic, making your feet more prone to cuts and tears. Because our cells tend to reproduce more slowly as we age, dry skin becomes an even greater challenge the older we get. But the good news is, you don’t have to live with dry feet. By moisturizing on a regular basis, you can enjoy softer, more youthful skin at any age. From applying a daily foot cream to enjoying a refreshing foot soak, here are some easy ways to say goodbye to rough, dry feet for good, and say hello to Spring and Summer with a new lease on your feet!

THIS Dr. Scholl’s® Ultra Hydrating Foot Mask provides an at-home pampering spa experience to intensely moisturize, repair and soften rough, dry feet.  Urea draws moisture deep into the skin, supercharging skin hydration. Hydrating boost from ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, urea, macadamia oil, coconut oil, olive oil and hyaluronic acid.  The pair of disposable slip-on booties are infused with a proprietary blend that penetrates deeply to heal and hydrate dry, cracked skin, restoring your skin’s natural moisture balance, and leaving your feet feeling silky smooth and soft. I bought a 3-pack for $8.88 and after the first use found my feet to be vastly improved! Definitely more so than simply applying foot lotion on my feet.


Why It’s So Important to Take Care of Your Feet