Amazingly Simple Hacks for house cleaning & food storage: 3 minute video

If you have 3 minutes, this whirlwind of tricks for house cleaning as well as food storage will surely show you some easy tips you didn’t know before! Especially good to know before your sweet grandchildren come over to play around in the den on the carpet or take a bath in the tub.

From storing lettuce in foil.. to ironing out water rings from wood table tops.. to easily removing pet pee stains from carpet.. to simple hacks for cleaning oven racks, stove tops, shower heads, faucets, bathroom stains, and a proven method for deoderizing laundry.. you will want to see this video more than once. He flies through the list, showing you every one of these in person, and you can choose which ones apply to your current to-do list at home.  Keep watching these Great Hacks til the end of the 3 minutes when he shows you which fruits emit higher levels of ethylene and will quickly ripen any other fruits if kept in the same area together, or what fun fact you can do with your bananas to keep them from ripening too quickly..

Send us your own home hacks to share with our AgingTopic readers! Any outdoor tips? Pet grooming tips? Other ideas? Bring em on!