Your Soap May Be Why Mosquitos Are Attracted To You

What if we could change our soap in the shower and – just like that – repel mosquitos? A recent study by researchers from Virginia Tech examined the impact of 4 popular soap brands (Dove, Dial, Native, and Simple Truth) and “some, but not all, of the subjects who used Dove or Simple Truth soaps were significantly more attractive to mosquitoes, while those who used Native tended to repel mosquitoes.”

Although all of the soaps used in the experiment contain limonene, a mosquito repellent, some of the combinations between the chemicals in the soap and the person’s body odor led to an increased attractiveness for mosquitos.  The senior author and neuroethologist Clément Vinauger said, “I would choose a coconut-scented soap if I wanted to reduce mosquito attraction.”

Guess what’s going on my list for the next toiletry run? With national weather sources predicting that some areas should expect a heavier mosquito season (California due to record rainfall, Minnesota’s snowy winter, and New York’s warmer winter to name a few..) people should take precautions due to harmful diseases some mosquitos can carry and spread.

For more information about previous studies from other university researchers and professors, as well as additional articles from The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, then follow this link which further explains why your-soap-might-make-you-more-attractive-to-mosquitoes

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