Never Too Late for New Happiness & Motivation!

After you read some of the terrific stories below, you will believe that truly it’s not too late to pick up a new hobby or a sport or grab a new degree – no matter your age. Given each person’s abilities today, perhaps the hobby is restricted to inside vs outside, or sitting vs standing, but the options are endless when you begin to dig in to what is out there!  Whether small goals or big ones, it’s motivational to read about current examples of Seniors who are tackling ideas and goals which are leading them into great new adventures with new friends and new experiences.

For example, read below about Debbie Blount who decided, after losing her husband of 30 years after a long illness, leaving her a widow at 59 yrs old… to go back to college, join the golf team & compete, and now is deciding whether she wants to pursue her Masters!  At the end of her story you can clikc on a link to read more true stories of others who can be the inspiration behind your decision to make your own wonderful plans.


My Third Act—Resilience in the Face of Loss Leads to a Happy Life