Best Questions when screening an Assisted Living facility

Somewhat akin to screening schools for your own children before deciding which one is the best fit for your child and your budget, it has come full swing to the moment now, when you’re choosing with or for your parents!

While we have scoured the internet, finding many variations on the Q&A lists to have in hand when screening an Assisted Living facility, this resource does a terrific job of categorizing the topics and supplying ample questions which can be tailored to a person’s priorities. Although there are certainly more questions you can come up with, asking these 84 questions is a wonderfully thorough and extremely helpful way to cover all of the basics.

Reviewing each category with your parents is a great exercise in clearing up potentially surprising assumptions from both sides. Better yet, finding out where your parents prioritize these categories can quickly narrow down the search for the right solution.  AgingTopic will be introducing a new and innovative way to aid in the search for those who would appreciate a helping hand – especially for families where the grown children have moved out of the state where their parents still live.  Until then, this set of questions is a great starting place for your family conversations, and if your parents think it’s far too early to ask them, perhaps suggest it is a hypothetical conversation.  None of us have any guarantees on what tomorrow or next month or next year hold, so now is a good time to start the discussion!

84 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility