Dog Therapy Alliance: Available Across The Country!

For 30 years, the Alliance of Therapy Dogs has been recruiting teams to be tested, certified, and insured to do great work all across the United States. All members are volunteering with their dogs to provide therapy services for free to facilities – they do not get paid for their services, nor do the Board members.  Their testing process is designed to be sure the volunteer and their dog are a good fit for dog therapy work, and after passing the test, they are monitored during three initial visits to facilities, two of which are medical facilities. Once registered with ATD, and covered by their insurance, the mission of sharing smiles and joy begins!

Whether you want to apply to become a volunteer member wtih your dog, or if you want to encourage a facility where your family member or friends are located to initiate this free program, it’s a terrific idea. Open this link below and scroll to the bottom for options to either Be A Member or Want Us To Visit? to get started with the information you need.  It’s as simple as that!

Alliance of Therapy Dogs