Setting the Stage.. Where to land?

Each of us can imagine our ideal environment where we want to land eventually…  Aside from finding the land where the fountain of youth is hiding, there are many crowd-pleasers out there to suit a wide variety of pleasures.  Whether coastal or mountainous, warm or cool, humid or dry, quiet or lively, we promised in a recent blog here we would be adding “deep dives” into each of the 10 steps to discover your perfect retirement community.  Perhaps you have a favorite vacation spot which you would love to call home when the time comes, or perhaps these links will open your eyes to places you never thought to consider before learning more about them here…  If you’re motivated to visit, be sure you can spend enough time to get a good feel from locals for what it’s like to live there full time, and schedule a tour of some of their senior communities. Planning a couple visits at different times of year to see how the climate changes is helpful, and lots of fun to see the variety of outdoor activities available.

As you can guess, once you choose where you want to live after you retire, it is typically where you will be when you choose an assisted living facility too. Several resources below give you great insight into which states appear to be The Most Popular States for Retiring People and why..

Or take a closer look at these retirement spots with amenities older people want at a reasonable cost where, city by city, they give you the population stats, housing affordability, retiree taxes,  popular activities for seniors, happiness ratings, Hospital info, certain freebies for residents 65 & older, etc.

Because it’s also fun to see which states have The top-10-luxury-assisted-living-in-the-US, we thought you may get a kick out of these places which seem to go above and beyond for seniors.  With budgets spanning from around $4k/month to $10k/month, choose from California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Nevada, Georgia and Florida.

To compare however, they also reference the most affordable: “According to the reports of World Population Review 2022, Oklahoma has the most affordable assisted living in the USA. The annual assisted living cost of this state is around $35000 on average. In contrast, The District of Columbia has the highest assisted living cost among all states.