Dual-Processing Hearing Aids, smaller than an AirPod: a Game Changer for AgingTopic Seniors!

We’ve heard from several AgingTopic readers that the search for Hearing Aids is a somewhat frustrating challenge, and the trial and error process makes you want to tear your hair out – which is a seriously poor choice as we get older!  We researched for you, and found an innovative new hearing aid which is smaller than an AirPod and is finally:

Unlocking the power of two

Until now, hearing aids have relied on a single processor to perform their two most critical functions—noise reduction and speech clarity.  But what if two chips were involved? Two separate processors are able to capture speech and noise independently, then combine them to create an almost superhuman level of hearing in any situation.

What does this mean? Speech gets clearer and crisper than ever before. Conversation and listening becomes effortless. And because Horizon AX sits discreetly behind your ear, you won’t see or feel your devices when you have them on. Instead, you’ll feel confident, energized, and connected to the people, sounds, and world around you.

Because AgingTopic is bringing you this innovative development, please do us a favor and after you read more about the company Hear.com and its innovative founders who use cutting-edge German technology to offer practically invisible, smaller and smarter hearing aids, Please Be Sure to use our AgingTopic link HERE  to have a 45-day no-risk trial and a 100% money-back guarantee from the world’s fastest growing online hearing aid company.

With double the power comes double the clarity, as 385,000+ of their happy customers will attest. With smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth capabilities, and flexible financing options, it’s time to stop struggling with hearing!  Hear.com partners with all major insurance plans to make it easy and affordable for you to find a hearing solution that works. Use the AgingTopic link HERE for an easy telehealth appointment or personalized hearing assessment and fitting today.

With a nationwide curated network of over 2,000 top-tier providers, along with telehealth options, the accessibility is wide open!