The “Grandparent Collection” of Family Trips to Plan

I know plenty of friends who are “officially” grandparents now, and they are as active as I’ve always known them to be! With such energy and interest in fun experiences, and with the seemingly bigger focus on Family gatherings, this is a great time to show you a wonderful collection of family trips which involve all ages from grandparents to grandchildren – whether those grandchildren are 8 or 18. Building stronger bonds between grandparents and grandchildren – and beautiful memories – is priceless.

Examples from their collection include Building a robot together, or national park trips for rafting, walking, snorkeling, & more.. City discoveries or Animal Adventures await, and check out the collection of  24 of their Three Generation trips!  A wide variety both nationally and internationally, you could explore the Barrier Islands where you all can sail on a shrimp boat, climb a storied lighthouse, meet injured sea turtles and search for nesting sea turtles on a night walk on the beach.. or go to Yellowstone National Park in Montana to horseback ride, hike, and raft the Yellowstone River while learning about geysers, hot springs, and fumaroles.. or fly to Costa Rica where you can explore cool cloud forests or discover a world of chatty macaws, playful monkeys, industrious leaf cutter ants, and beautiful butterflies.. or head to the fairytale landscapes of Ireland & discover a fortress, journey through nature reserves, learn about horse racing, and practice your Irish jig!

Introducing your grandchildren to new adventures, sights and sounds will create lasting memories they will tell their grandchildren about! If you are interested in financial assistance or Caregiver grants, they have those options too. Learn more and plan your trip HERE