Grandma’s Recipe for Simple, Perfect Coleslaw

Admit it… odds are that you have a go-to recipe that your Grandma handed down, or even more fun are the ones that the family loves but she never shared the actual recipe, so it remains a test to see how close you can get to it!  Whether it’s nostalgia or simply family tradition, recipes have been handed down for good reason.. she really knew how to cook!  While the recipes range from famous desserts to heavenly entrees, some of them are just as simple as 1-2-3.  This recipe for perfect coleslaw is simply an adjusted combination of shredded green cabbage, your favorite mayonnaise (but it should be Duke’s!), a pinch of salt, and celery seeds.  And.. if you want to add a new twist to it.. chop up fresh dill and add to it. I’ve decided to add this variation to our family collection.

Use a shredder or finely chop a half head of green cabbbage (remove the outer layer of leaves), then add a tablespoon of mayonnaise to begin. As you mix it all together & toss well, start with just a light coating on the slaw – you can always add more later but take it in small steps – same with the celery seeds and pinch of salt – you can mess it up with too much of any of them.  Taste it as you go, making adjustments to your liking.  That’s it!

It’s a very fresh, light take on slaw which will delight you and leave others asking for your recipe. We found our inspiration for this recipe here and will bring you more this Fall.