2x per week Resistance Training – start now! + Funny TEDx talk from 93 yr old Bodybuilder

“Use it or Lose it”.. may refer to learning a new language, but in this case refers to your muscles.  When we read about a group fo 10 frail men between 86 and 96 years old who did a high-intensity progressive resistance training program, “after just eight weeks, the average mid-thigh muscle area had increased by almost 10% (which is equivalent to the amount of muscle typically lost over a decade) and leg strength increased by about 180%.”

In other words, these older people were almost three times stronger at the end of the short training program than before. We’re not pushing you to be Superman, but as Seniors, our muscle strength is increasingly vital to preventing falls, maintaining independance, improving balance, and enjoying a better quality of life. While you already know this, the great news is we are pointing to a plan that involves just 2 days a week! Once you get the routine down though, you’ll probably want to add another day in there because you’ll be feeling so terrific!

Another example..  Here is a wonderful TEDx talk from Charles Eugster “who took up progressive resistance training in his late 80s after noticing a decline in his muscle mass. He went on to become a bodybuilder, and in 2012 gave a TEDx talk titled “Why bodybuilding at age 93 is a great idea”.

Enjoy reading more HERE about how easily you can start the habit NOW for progressive weight training – it’s never too late!