Bucket List Travel – 21 Unique Spots for Seniors

The 2007 movie Bucket List struck a chord for most of us – and prompted a big increase in experiential travel for Seniors!  While the 2023 Travel Trends study said Seniors from 60 to 69 years old are the biggest travel spenders compared to the younger age bracket, it also indicated that travelers 50 and older will average 4 trips this year, and 63% of them have bucket-list trips to plan.  This is certainly something to focus on! The increase in multi-generational family vacations is also on the rise, and a fun new trend includes “whisper sets” which are audio headsets that help groups hear better on guided outings no matter their age.

Explore with the link below to review unique options such as the “Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok… Every day locals set up their shops along more than 300 feet of an active railway.  Trains arrive multiple times per day, causing the vendors to have to move their products and tents out of the way. It’s a thrill as a tourist to ride into the Maeklong Railway Market on the train and then walk back along the tracks.  Just prepare to press yourself against the side of a building when a train passes!”

Or perhaps “Climbing into a hot air balloon and floating above the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, Turkey”… but “there are also wonderful short and long hikes you can do in the area. Booking a stay at a hotel cave is a classic Cappadocia experience as well.”

If you prefer a more low-impact bucket list, see the Northern Lights in Iceland – as long as you go between October and April so that the sky gets dark enough for you to enjoy the lights.  Nothing quite like it for sure! Or take a cruise down the Amazon River and try fishing for piranha… See the cherry blossoms in Japan from around late March to early April – it is unforgettable and poetic all at once.  There are many more ideas to explore in this link to your own Bucket List Travel.