Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS): New Relief for Chronic Pain vs. Meds

If you live with chronic (ongoing) pain and wish to feel better without relying on medications, the University of Alabama Pain Treatment Clinic now offers a new alternative with a minimally invasive treatment. Keeping you informed of cutting edge medical advancements is a goal for and the introduction of the PNS (peripheral nerve stimulation) device “can be used to treat chronic nerve pain, as well as joint pain and back pain” … “With the PNS treatment, physicians use imaging guidance to insert a very fine wire, or lead, not much larger than the size of a hair, into the skin close enough to stimulate a target nerve and interrupt the pain signal… The small PNS device sends gentle pulses, which feel like a small vibration, through the lead to stimulate the nerve. Patients will work with a team to determine the best stimulation level for their condition and use a simple hand-held remote to control stimulation level and turn the device on and off. After 60 days, the lead is removed, and treatment is complete. ”

This process is great for both patients who have had repeat surgeries as well as patients who are addressing pain early in the treatment continuum.  “The temporary PNS device can be used to treat chronic nerve pain, as well as joint pain and back pain, for patients for whom oral medications are not effective, or who wish to minimize the use of medications or more invasive procedures.”

The UAB Pain Treatment Clinic has several physicians who can administer this treatment – find contact information and more with this link about a new-treatment-for-chronic-pain