19 Quick Fixes from the Honey-Do List

As family comes home for the holidays, there’s usually a honey-do list.. the good news is that the link below from Bob Vila provides an easy shortcut to fix several things around the house in a jiffy with simple items you can find at the grocery store! From solving squeaky wood floors or sticking door locks to getting old wood drawers to glide smoothly, these quick fix solutions both inside your home and outside will make you wonder why you didn’t do these before now.

You can easily delegate these to everyone so that it takes a fraction of the time to get-er-done. While there are 19 listed here, the first few may or may not apply to you but continue scrolling down, & I’m willing to bet there’s at least 1 quick fix on this list which you can knock out in your home – or your parents’ home!

Take a look at these 19-home-maintenance-mistakes-that-only-take-a-minute-to-fix