Top 10 items for Seniors: Stability, Portability for Travel or Home

“We’ve come a long way, baby!” Especially when you start to look into all the trending tips for Seniors as it relates to traveling or at-home comforts to ease the daily routines.  Whether it’s a better way to walk, sit, or get into and out of bed, take a look at some newer versions of past ideas!

Beyond the popular folding cane here, explore the lightweight rollator here , portable bed rails here or here and shower bench here, reusable chair pad and bed pad here , and a seat cane here – which is a such a great novelty! “At the touch of a button or lever, a seat unfolds, allowing the user to take a rest”. This model weighs 3 pounds, has a padded seat, and can support up to 240 pounds.

The enhanced 19 pound Euro-style rollator has an extra wide back rest vs the standard back bar, padded seating, removable carry pouch, and a breaking system with three modes.

A portable bed rail (7 pounds) is a game changer for getting in and out of bed. The chair pad and bed pad are waterproof, crinkle free, highly absorbant, with a smooth side and a soft quilted side. In lovely colors of blue or green, it provides peace of mind for a good night’s sleep.

We found this information and more ideas in the parentgiving website where we read about the Top 10 items for Senior travel