Visit Historic List of Hotels in Each State

While your days are still young, and before you end up in the Old Folks Hotel (aka assisted living or acute rehab) here’s a way to avoid having reservations of the negative sort and instead make some exciting reservations in these old historic hotels!  As a fan of history and the stories that lie within each of our older buildings nationwide, a great idea is to travel the United States with a purpose in mind where checking off a stay at historic hotels in each state could lead to not only great stories to bring home but also a beautiful chance to enjoy the travel scenery.

If you have already stayed at some of these, then your journey has already begun! I was happy to see 2 favorites I have visited already but have many more to go – and with some of them offering special deals it’s worth either doing your homework or calling your favorite travel agent.  If you are home bound for now, then reading through this list which we found HERE on the love exploring website will give you a glimpse into the highlights for each, ranging from the oldest stagecoach stop in the USA to largest hotel of its time in the country to ancient political figures and celebrities who frequented many of them and why.. so stretch back to the 1800’s and earlier to travel back in time and enjoy a mini vacation in style.