Green; The Masters, as well as a Comfort Color for your home

This time of year I am loving the color GREEN.. whether it’s due to watching the putting excellence of tournament players on the greens of Augusta National, or if it’s deciding how I want to spruce up a room in my house to reflect the emotional comfort of the color green and bringing inside the fresh feelings of Spring, it’s a great time to focus on this fabulous color.

If you like quick summaries and insights into a major sporting event such as The Masters, then this link from the PGA is a great resource! Masters-field-by-the-numbers-who-is-playing-how-they-qualified-and-latest-betting-odds-and-insight

In Chicago you will find a special Senior Living community, The Clare, which serves many needs for Seniors who enjoy independent living and also share very active lifestyles.  Their link below offers great insight as to why incorporating Green into decor is such a great choice for Seniors.

For the future needs of Rehabilitation, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing, they cover all the bases:  “Housed in the same magnificent building as The Clare itself, The Terraces feels more like a hotel than a hospital. But make no mistake, the medical care we provide is as unmatched as our luxury. The Terraces has earned multiple 5-star Medicare ratings and we are staffed to deliver significantly more one-on-one care than other providers.”  They. have a blog which covers many categories including an interesting look at color therapy for Seniors where I found the perfect description of why I love green so much! Here’s an excerpt from

Green for Comfort

Watch any film adaptation of a Jane Austen novel and you’ll see reading rooms smothered in green—mostly deep or emerald tones. For color therapy, green is great for a room that needs to convey comfort and relaxation. It makes a connection to nature—an added benefit for seniors enjoying an urban lifestyle—and works during any season. Paint the walls of your entertainment room green, or consider green velvet day beds.


Color Therapy for Seniors: Boost Your Mood in Every Season