Visit Beautiful Beaufort, SC: Great History

Whether or not you have visited Beaufort in South Carolina, you may not know it is the oldest city in the state of SC behind Charleston… and yet it was discovered before Charleston was! Eventually chartered in 1711, it has a fabulous history and today showcases the largest historic district in the state with its 304 acres in downtown Beaufort. It also claims the largest number of tabby structures in the entire United States, with some dating back to the early 1700s. On our 5,000 acre semitropical barrier island, visit Hunting Island State Park which receives over 1 million visitors a year, enjoying its 5 miles of pristine beaches, multiple forest trails, wildlife, and many campgrounds.

Beaufort SC is actually made up of 68 islands, becoming half water and half land at high tide.. Home to many golf courses, vibrant communities, excellent dining, and even a popular spot for film making, you will see glimpses of Beaufort in movies such as Forrest Gump, Prince of Tides, The Big Chill, The Great Santini, Jungle Book, and many more.

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16 Fascinating facts about Beaufort SC