16 Great Ideas: July 4th Celebrations With Your Favorite Seniors

July 4th is a great chance to light up your favorite Seniors’ life with a string of ideas below which cater to a more relaxed celebration, and still have plenty of fun!  Of the 16 ideas in the link below, the first 10 are geared toward celebrating at home, while the last 6 are focused on Seniors who enjoy going out.

At home, pulling out red white and blue decor can come from storage or take the form of tablecloths and napkins you already have, or picking up a pack of small flags from the grocery store or dollar store and placing them all around the kitchen, family room, and porch or even sticking them in the ground on either side of a walkway to the house. Along with traditional July 4th hotdogs and hamburgers, patriotic desserts are simple to make from skewers of blueberries, strawberries and bananas to no-bake cheesecake cups.. yummy recipes are here! As much as music is good for the soul, and you can bring along a laptop or even just your cell phone, you can pull up a karaoke soundtrack so everyone can sing along with the words in front of you for favorites such as American The Beautiful, or My Country Til Of Thee, and others.

Going out to watch fireworks after the sun goes down, be sure you bring folding chairs to be most comfortable as it is more than challenging for some folks to sit on the ground for an hour (or get back up afterwards)..  Be sure there’s a plan to stay hydrated as well as have close proximity to restrooms for bathroom breaks.  If heading to a friend’s house, the recipes are also ones that are easy to make and bring with you as a gift to contribute to the party.

See more ideas here: https://dailycaring.com/fantastic-4th-of-july-activities-for-seniors/