Tiny Pies in Mason Jar Lids!

Wonderfully fun and creative to come across such an easy recipe for baked treats in mason jar lids!  Whether you want to buy dough or make your own dough (simple instructions included, and remember to use Cold ingredients for better texture).. this is a great idea for customizing your own mini pies.  Whether preserves or jams, you can follow your fancy, and even add some fresh fruit in there as well.

Grandchildren will find this delightful to do with their grandparents, or it can be a family activity to make and bring to your neighbors – we can give credit to Amanda Wilbanks, founder of Southern Baked Pie Company in Georgia, who recalls graet memories in the kitchen with her grandmother where she first baked biscuits in mason jar lids. Plenty of ongoing uses for this very neat trick from Garden & Gun HERE