Toe Yoga for Seniors .. Relieves Pain, & Improves Balance!

From our friends at Ageist comes this smart form of exercise for any adult! “Yes, toe yoga is a thing and surprisingly has the ability to improve just about any type of foot issue. This unique form of yoga focuses on the often-neglected toes, unlocking a series of movements that not only enhance your foot strength and flexibility but also significantly improve overall balance and mobility.”  Read more below to discover how these simple exercises “strengthen muscles in the feet and toes, enhance balance, and improve stability – reducing the risk of falling as we age.”

By keeping your toe joints limber, increasing blood flow and building strength, you can discover better balance with less stiffness and swelling – which are common issues as we age when we begin dealing with plantar fasciitis and arthritis. You can do these exercises while either sitting or standing – anywhere you can be barefoot!  Give it a try – and you could even make the “object pick up” a group exercise with friends for some good laughs!


Free the Toes! Toe Yoga. Let’s Liberate Your Feet