A Hole-in-One for Health

With all the craziness that came with 2020, good news arrived in the golfing world. A ten-year study of people whose average age was 72 found golfers have a significantly lower death rate than those who don’t play golf. Line up that drive!

We know that many seniors don’t get enough exercise, but walking a golf course is excellent aerobic activity. The advantage of golf is that it doesn’t feel like exercise. When lost in concentration and competition, you don’t realize that swinging the clubs or walking a course burns calories and builds muscle strength.

Just as we learned HERE that the social camaraderie while drinking wine offers more benefits to your health than the wine itself, the social nature of golf also provides favorable outcomes. Spending quality time talking and relaxing with friends can reduce stress and increase a healthy lifestyle.

Choose from over 25 million Americans who play golf to set up a date for eighteen holes. You and your friends will prevent bone loss, improve coordination and balance, and mitigate the risk of age-related disease.

Read HERE about the benefits of golf and then put on your tweed knickers and grab that Big Bertha!