Reading Vicariously during Isolation…

Now that we are spending more time indoors as the weather turns colder, it’s time to cuddle up to the fireplace with a good book. We previously learned HERE that reading could enhance memory, reduce stress (unless it’s a murder mystery), and sharpen decision-making skills. It can also help you sleep better, although hopefully not put you to sleep!

What if you had a list of the most popular books for seniors, and someone culled it down to ten books to get you started – the choices sparkle with a little bit for everyone.

Pretend you’re 90-years-old and received a death sentence. You can choose chemotherapy, radiation, and a hospital bed, or you could hit the road in a thirty-six-foot motor home with your dog. Which would you choose? If you picked the latter, you might love reading Driving Miss Norma.

Can you relate to a curmudgeon of a man who may have quite a soft heart underneath? How about a 79-year-old who dreams of escaping the nursing home and robbing a bank? What if you gave up your career as a cardiothoracic surgeon for a stress-free life as a janitor at a retirement home?

Look HERE for ten entertaining books to enjoy as the days get shorter. You’re old enough now that you don’t have to hide under the covers to read.