It’s Time to Focus on You, the Caregiver

Many of the caregiving responsibilities for elderly relatives fall on immediate family. You may be one of the many adults who care for a parent while also managing a home with children. With so few hours left in the day, it’s challenging to find time to recharge.

Caregiver burnout robs energy from those who need you the most, and it is why it’s essential to carve time for some physical, mental, and emotional joy in your life. Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles, encouraging stress relief.  Mental exercises could include a small amount of time to meditate, or you may want to create a gratitude journal. Enjoying time outdoors offers solitude, quiet, and peaceful moments to gain perspectiveAdd small practices that lift your spirits, such as rediscovering passions, and take a little time to submerge yourself into them.

Read HERE for details on self-care tips for caregivers. Then sit back, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy something just for you.

Here is a previous blog about the physical and mental benefits of yoga. A weekly class could be a gift you give yourself.

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