Getting Creative with How You Meditate

If the thought of meditation gives you anxiety, you may not be alone. Holding still can seem like a death sentence if you are an active and outgoing type. We learned HERE how mediation boosts concentration, attention, and memory. What if there were alternative ways to meditate so that you could reap the benefits yet not feel like you are locked in place?

Many feel the most challenging part of mediation is keeping their hands still, but there are ways to accommodate those feelings. Try hand movement meditation in which participants move their two extremities slowly and mindfully. If you simply can’t imagine holding still, why not try walking meditation? Kinhin is a Zen tradition where practitioners move slowly and continuously. It may be a perfect type of meditation to try in a park while safely distancing from others.

Seniors can take movement a step further by dancing. Kundalini meditation allows you to surrender to the rhythms of music. You can even practice standing mediation for as few as five minutes a day.

Read HERE for ten unexpected ways to meditate each day. You don’t have to sit on a cushion in silence to get the benefits that meditation offers.

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