Bidding.. Winning.. with “Bridge” Brain Muscles

What if you could get an excellent workout and laugh with friends at the same time? Bridge is the quintessential game to exercise your brain muscle and keep you socially engaged with friends.

When seniors sit down at the square table for four, they must give full attention to the bidding and the cards you will play. Your concentration improves along with your reasoning and problem-solving skills. As if your brain isn’t working hard enough, your short-term memory must keep information stored during the bidding process and remember the cards played. Whew! And you thought it was tough at Zumba class!

In studies of seniors who play bridge, the findings reported higher retention of mental sharpness and better working memory and reasoning. Who said seniors suffered from cognitive decline? Not bridge playing seniors.

Bridge offers seniors more opportunities for social activity and laughter, and we learned HERE the benefits of laughing. Research indicates that seniors with an active social life live longer and experience less cognitive decline.

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