Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021 Resolutions!

If ever there was a year to race toward resolutions, this may be it!  Fleeing from 2020 gives us a chance to re-prioritize 2021 or at least perhaps take our resolutions more seriously?

With a new year closing in quickly, it’s time to set goals to start fresh. The five best resolutions are ones you might have started in 2020, but dropped when the pandemic lockdown hit… and January is the perfect time to renew those good habits with a new attitude.

No New Year’s resolution would be complete without a promise for a better diet. Choose ways to increase how healthy you eat by adding fruits and vegetables to every meal and reducing carbs. Throw out the sugar at every opportunity and look to fish and poultry as meat alternatives. You will probably lose weight without much effort if you stick with it.

Setting goals to be more active will encourage another resolution, which is to get more sleep. Choose an exercise that improves your mobility and flexibility, like yoga. If you tire yourself out during the day, you’ll find it easier to sleep soundly at night and avoid sleep deprivation, which can cause serious health problems.

We read HERE about the importance of capturing stories for future generations. A New Years resolution could be to write down a few stories and share one each time the grandchildren arrive for a visit.

When deciding your New Year’s resolutions, look HERE for details on the five ones that are sure wins for seniors.