Focus on styles to compliment – not accentuate – your age

You’re over fifty, yet you feel decades younger than your drivers license states. Keeping your style alive will make you look as youthful as you feel. However, it’s essential not to choose fashion that could increase your age.

If you want to take years from your face, throw out the wireframe granny eyeglasses. As you learned from a 96-year-old style icon HERE, bold, colorful frames are cutting edge and give you a more youthful appearance.

You may have a fantastic body, but showing deep cleavage may not be compatible with the mature woman. While the rule is dated and you may want to indulge, make sure you leave a little to the imagination.

Those hip boots that carried you from event to event for years? Check in the mirror to ensure that they aren’t showing their mileage. As shoes get more comfortable, we tend to neglect the scuffs and scrapes that detract from a pulled-together look.

Embrace your beauty and let your inner glow shine through. Heavy jewelry, bright blue hair, and mini skirts were fun decades ago but may be inappropriate now.

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