Food Trends Look Exciting for 2021

Seniors most likely spent quite a bit more time in the kitchen this past year. In the pandemics infancy, the grocery stores were void of flour along with toilet paper. Since then, it seems the uptick in purchases is in exotic spices, like Za’atar, with more adventurous cooks adding it to their repertoire. Peppery Piri Piri sauce alone increased by 725 percent!

Mindful eating now takes precedent over fad diets. Those diets that offer fast results are challenging to sustain. Whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, carbs often noted to avoid, provide a slow-burning form of energy, and are now enjoyed in a healthy diet.

Expect to get closer to your food community with social media apps like TikTok. You’ll visit chefs behind the scenes and find more how-to videos produced by your local restaurants. Regional cooking will stand tall in 2021. Szechuan, Cantonese, or Hunan style recipes will replace the proverbial Chinese nomenclature. The trend in Ghost Kitchens that we learned about HERE will increase in popularity during this next year.

Look HERE for 21 exciting food trends expected to gain momentum in the year ahead. You’ll be glad you have a good appetite!