Music Favorites by Generation – best daily mood enhancer

Whether the house seems too quiet these days, or your room in the community where you live feels lackluster, you may only need a burst of your favorite tunes to liven the place up! With so many favorite songs over a lifetime, they can immediately take you back to favorite times in your life or even celebrations to remember. There are a wide range of choices for sourcing your music from your own records or CDs to the ever popular apps on your phone from Spotify to Pandora which can boost surround sound if you simply connect your phone to portable speakers such as this JBL portable speaker for less than $100 that can be on your doorstep as soon as tomorrow with Amazon!

Another way to also build on the legacy you leave your children and their children would be to make a playlist (or have them help you) which is a collection of your all time favorite songs and what memories are connected with each of them.  Unique expressions of your memories can be enjoyed for generations through not only written stories which you read previously about HERE but also through the shared love of music. Songs tell stories, and your family will treasure the stories you share which go with the favorite songs in your life.

You previously read HERE on AgingTopic about the medical benefits of music for so many from those dealing with depression or anxiety to others dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. No matter which end of the Senior spectrum you are on from 55 years to 99 years old, music is the constant which we will all enjoy.  Read HERE to glance through the top songs from each generation to find a few of your favorites and launch your new daily habit for a happier 2021!