Senior Move Manager: a Huge Help

Methods of a Senior Move Manager

There may be a time you realize you wish you’d moved to a senior community sooner. You’re having the time of your life, feeling engaged with others, and how so many activities you can’t keep up. What took you so long?

The answers to the question are easy. You dreaded moving mountains of stuff to your new location or didn’t want to part with precious memories. Maybe you didn’t want to spend the money to make the change.

A Senior Move Manager (SMM as you learned about HERE) to the rescue! How do you choose which furniture to take? A SMM can draw out a space plan of your new residence, and the two of you can sketch in your favorite pieces of furniture for the new location.

What about the collection of candlesticks you’ve collected from all over the world? Your SMM can help you choose your favorite five to display in your new home. Photograph each of the others and create a book that sits beside them.

Are you worried about the expense of moving? Your SMM can organize an estate sale, and you’ll make money letting go of those things you won’t miss anyway.

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