Van Camping a new Favorite among Seniors

Who said van conversions were for the younger set? One van conversion company in Colorado said close to 50 percent of their sales were to people over 55. We learned HERE how seniors who camped in their youth are rediscovering camping in their retirement years. Many of these people aren’t interested in purchasing an RV, but they find a smaller van with a few added amenities suits them well.

Boomers especially are turning to van travel. They don’t consider themselves ‘old’ since their sense of adventure is still in overdrive. Besides, quite a few bucket list items are awaiting them that are easily accessible on four wheels. A van affords you the luxury of seeing America while traveling to your final destination. The affordability and ease of carrying your mini-home with you mean you have more freedom and a way to live simply.

Modifications to a van include insulation, paneling, bed, mini-kitchen, and a fridge. If you want to travel in luxury, you may want a Class B motorhome, which sits on a van chassis with luxury upgrades included. The options are endless!

Read HERE why vans are an excellent match for the senior, and then get ready to hit the road!