Use a Senior Move Manager to Prevent Transitional Anxiety

Personal possessions have poignant significance after living in one location for 30-40 years. Senior move managers (as we learned about HERE) recognize that an old teacup isn’t as much a dust collector as it is a reservoir of memories of a memorable trip overseas. It is their job to hone in on the senior’s recollections and empower them when faced with letting go.

Senior may understand and be willing to move, but it doesn’t make it any easier. A transitioning senior may not expect an onset of anxiety, grief, exhaustion, or sleep disturbances. These symptoms are all signs of Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS), a formal nursing diagnosis represented by any combination of physiologic and psychological disturbances when moving someone from one environment to another.

Professionals certified in senior move management arrive trained to avoid situations that cause RSS. The key to empowering someone who is moving is to involve them in the planning and decision process. Listening to a senior’s questions and discussing concerns can alleviate anxiety from the start. If a senior feels in control, the transition is more likely to run smoothly.

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