Creative Gift Ideas for Seniors

Another knick-knack may not be a top choice on your favorite senior’s gift list, but what do you do when those you love seem to be content with all they have? Brightening their day with the gift of time is often a winner. Something as simple as a hand-made coupon that offers transportation to church or a social event can help. A trip to their favorite restaurant or an offer to do their grocery shopping may bring more smiles than you can imagine.

Memory journals and games help create bonds between generations and leave a legacy of family history, childhood memories, or life lessons that they could enjoy for decades. We learned HERE about ways to capture your stories. One publishing house offers a kit with a step-by-step process. When you complete it, it is available to purchase on Amazon!

Those who are forgetful (senior or not) may appreciate a voice-controlled reminder system for appointments or medication times. They may love a gift that finds lost keys with the push of a button or a 30-day supply pill organizer. Receiving an oversized calculator or giant-sized cards to play Gin Rummy may be an appropriate gift for seniors with diminished eyesight.

Read HERE for dozens of gift ideas for seniors who have it all, but you still want to provide a little something to show your appreciation.