10 Great Comedies on Netflix for Seniors

Watching a comedy often induces wonderful belly laughs, which as you learned HERE, improves health in multiple ways. The wonderful offshoot of laughing is the positive energy that flows from the sounds of someone enjoying themselves. You may find family and friends joining you for the fun. 

Netflix produces original sitcoms for all ages, but some of them have extra appeal to seniors. Gone are the days where the stereotypical granny is the only consistent portrayal of seniors. Grace and Frankie follow two octogenarians whose husbands announce they are each leaving their wives for each other. How often will you watch four people over 80 star without a cane or walker in sight! 

The Kominsky Method just began its third season, and if you want a peek into senior dating, this may be the show for you. The sexy Kathleen Turner returns as Michael Douglas’s ex-wife. 

A thirty-something millennial created and stars in Master of None where he navigates dating, work, and family in New York City. The advantage of having your show is that you can cast your real-life physician parents as the actors playing your parents!

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