Growth of Ghost, Virtual & Cloud Kitchens

3 years ago, there were no virtual restaurants, but today there are thousands.. and the link above gives you 5 popular examples across the country in the USA and Europe, including with the one which started it all, “MRBEAST BURGER”.  One of them collaborates with internationally celebrated chefs, while another partners with 125 college football stars to promote their brand on campuses everywhere.

In October of 2020, AgingTopic wrote about Ghost Kitchens HERE as the pandemic took hold and food options became predominantly carry-out. As ghost kitchens have become more prevalent, there are also virtual and cloud kitchens on the scene. If you are curious about the differences Read HERE.

If you’re itching to start up your own ghost kitchen, it can cost as little as $20,000 according to CBRE but you have to have excellent advertising and food quality to be successful.  Whether you’re a multi-operator or a single operation there will be a need for top-notch photography, a digital presence and excellent social media, and potentially a high cost for labor in order to get it done the right way.