Which AgingTopic blog holds the title for 2021?

As the year ends, many of us read from various sources of their “Year In Review” and it caused me to take stock in our analytics for AgingTopic, and one of the first things I wanted to know was… which blog in the course of our first year online was the most popular as it relates to the one which was opened the most times, and the one which people spent the most time reading.  And the winner is..  (drum roll)  about a fabulous dog story!

For those who may be sceptical about cannabis oil as a medical treatment, this true story may just win you over.

If you missed it, the link is below – and if you have any other story to share about a family pet that you believe is inspiring, then email us at [email protected] so we can review it and potentially share it with our 4,500+ readers in 47 states across the country.  We are thrilled with our growth and hope you will continue to please share the website with your relatives, family, friends, and even your social media sites.

Promising Killer for Cancer in Pets: A Personal Story